Bluetooth Low Energy E-Book

I think this landing page is pretty good.

At first I thought the page was for some kind of free guide, but then I realized that the idea is to get notified when an upcoming book comes out. I think this lack of clarity is probably the biggest problem with this page.

The book cover looks really nice. The page design is clean and “quiet”. There’s only one call to action—put in your email—which is smart. I would even go so far as to remove most of the links from this page so that the user really only has two options: opt-in or leave.

The copy on the page is relatively short but I think it should be a little shorter. I would still to bullet points and one or two sentences. Right now there’s just enough text that it seems daunting.

Mohammed, another thing that could help, if you can get it, is some testimonials for your work. Also, the photo of you and the “about” snippet are great. If you can find a way to move those two things above the fold, I imagine it would help.

Key Takeaways:

  • Limit the number of options. One single call to action is best.
  • Make it as clear as possible exactly what the offer is.
  • For an email opt-in page, a few bullet points is sufficient. Too much text seems like too much work to read.
  • Social proof helps, especially in the form of a testimonial.

2 thoughts on “Bluetooth Low Energy E-Book

  1. Mohammad Afaneh


    Thanks so much for taking the time to do a breakdown of my page. You had some really good feedback and I will definitely take some actions to address them.

    To answer your question, so far I’ve had 35% conversion rate on this page (tracked by Leadpages where it’s also hosted). I think that’s a pretty good conversion rate(?).

    Thanks again!

    1. lpbreakdowns Post author

      Hey Mohammed,

      You’re very welcome! If you have a 35% conversion rate, then that’s incredible. My understanding is that anything above 10% is pretty good and anything above 20% is outstanding. My Angular on Rails opt-in historically converted at about 14%, which I consider plenty good enough. I’d frankly be skeptical that Leadpages is giving you an accurate number. If I were you I’d want to put Mixpanel on there to see what conversion rate it gives you. 35% seems so high as to be almost unbelievable.


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